Wonder what makes our farm products so great? It’s the wholesome, pure variety of poultry breed pecking on their feed in the beautiful villages of Punjab, self-raised in the open-air, natural environment.

There’s nothing like genuine home breed. This is why Almani Farms stands out among the traditional farms. Our chickens grow with a bona fide and undiluted feed, such as grains, leafy vegetables, herbs, breadcrumbs, and everything they love to eat. Their natural diet makes our poultry healthy; this is the hallmark of our countryside farms.

Not only that they eat natural, but they also breed natural. The hens produce their eggs without any use of breeding formulas. The newly-hatched chicks grow on the natural feed, until they reach required weight. This is the time when we make them ready to sell it to our wide-ranging customers throughout the country. By doing so, we can ensure that our products do not gain any premature growth and are ready for sell in their natural period.

We are a company with social responsibility. We are contributing to the welfare of society by launching an entrepreneur program. The purpose of this program is to enable individuals generate revenue by affiliating with Almani Farms, by having poultry breed in their own setup and sell it through our medium.

Apart from poultry, we also deal with homegrown rabbits and ducks, and take care of them the same way as our healthy chickens.

The products available at Almani Farms are best-suited for health-conscious people seeking a healthier and hygienic alternative to the contaminated food.

This is why we have progressed so much over the years and gained the trust for our highly esteemed clients ranging from daily households to multi-national food companies and restaurants.

As we make sure that we provide an authentic range of poultry, you can just sit back, relax and delve into the taste of natural, pure and healthful chicken.

At Almani farms, we provide 100% guaranteed feed free of chemical, toxin and hormones to our birds and animals. Similarly, or values also guide us not to inject our animals and birds with any form of hormonal injections other than the necessary and recommended vaccines.

However, since we figured that we need to make our healthy, natural, safe and organic meat and eggs within the easy access of all we have placed these in all the top supermarkets and restaurants of Karachi and Islamabad.

Following is a list of our organic meat and eggs.

  • Quail meat
  • Quail egg
  • Organic chicken egg
  • Organic chicken meat
  • Duck meat
  • Rabbit meat

After having received over whelming appreciation and success from both our customers and clients, Almani farms is now ready to take the next step and enter another food market i.e. the wheat and edible oil market.