About Us

Almani quail farm started its journey in the August of the year 2013 founded by Muhammad Jebran Almani in Karachi, Pakistan. Our farm located in Karachi Pakistan follows international breeding standards and our birds along with our animals live in a nature friendly healthy environment. 

The mission behind the formation of Almani farms was to build a consumer centered protein industry that provides 100% organic, safe, healthy, natural and nutritious meat and eggs to both clients and customers and thus emerge as one of the leading protein providers in the Pakistani market.

In a journey of a little under 5 years Almani farm has already made its mark in the market and is proud to have reached out to a large number of both clients and customers through placing its 100% organic meat and eggs in all the leading super stores of Karachi and Islamabad along with the top restaurants of both these cities.   As we are about to launch our whole wheat grain flour and organic mustard oil in the market very soon, we would like to take this opportunity to mention here that our crops are being grown naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh.