Our Customers

Our customers are the individuals who have recognized the dangers, health hazards and risks associated with toxin laden commercially grown chicken meat and eggs full of contaminants, toxins, hormones and chemicals.

Since research has uncovered the health risks associated with commercially grown chicken meat and eggs including but not limited to cancer people are looking out for organic meat and eggs. Therefore, you may say that our customers are all those people who are looking to get rid of chemicals, toxins and hormones in their diet in short looking for organic food. Our organic meats including organic quail meat, organic chicken meat, organic duck meat, organic rabbit meat along with our organic chicken eggs and organic quail eggs are just what people need to bring back energy, taste, nutrition and health back to their lives.

Our customers are those health conscious people who believe in eating healthy natural food and believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if you would also like to get rid of all the toxins, chemicals and hormones in your diet especially your meat and egg that may give rise to diseases then Almani organic meat and eggs are just what you should turn to.

Since our upcoming products also include whole grain wheat flour and mustard oil that have been grown in an all-natural manner without the use of chemicals and pesticides these are sure to rule out any toxins from your food. All in all our organic products help ensure that you stay away from diseases and your system stays clear of toxins leading to health complications.